Water MD presents: Home Water Security



Why filter your drinking water?

For people who have their own wells, it is clear that filtering your own water with WaterPerfect™ protects you from harmful bacteria, cysts, VOCs and other harmful contaminants that water supplied by Municipalities are concerned with and often there are other minerals such as Iron that can affect the taste of your water from the well. For those who drink city supplied tap water there may be issues associated with chlorine that can affect the taste of the water and in fact there can be harmful contaminants that make their way into the city supplied water that are not always caught. In fact, we began looking for an effective filter when we read about a woman in Colorado Springs who died drinking her city supplied tap water.

What's wrong with drinking Bottled water?

If you are drinking store bought bottled water, than adding a filter to your drinking water is an obvious choice. First, in the long run our filter saves you money. Secondly, buying water in plastic bottles can be bad for your health as numerous reports have shown and certainly is not good for our environment.

Why is WaterPerfect™ better than other filters on the market?

We have found that our filter is the best value available on the market today.Our filter is much superior than any simple Carbon type filter, like Brita, which just removes poor taste and smell. These filters DO NOT protect you from harmful contaminants. Our filter is superior to a Reverse Osmosis system, because RO’s remove all ingredients in the water to keep you safe, but in doing so, it takes out the good minerals and electrolytes that give water its taste and are healthy to our bodies. In addition, RO wastes water requiring typically 3 gallons of water to produce one gallon of drinking water. Nothing comes close to the efficiency of WaterPerfect™ at the price we are offering.

How long with the filter last?

While a fixed number is hard to determine as the quality of the water from your tap will be the determining factor, we can safely recommend at least a year use before the cartridge needs to be replaced. Often, a lowering of water pressure will tell you its time to replace the filter.


How does SCALAWAY™ compare with traditional water softeners?

The problem with Hard water is that minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium present in water, when heated or oxidized, will precipitate out of solution and than stick to metal or glass surfaces, causing a build up of scale. Traditonal softeners remove these minerals. But, they are removing important minerals we need to stay healthy And they add sodium to our bodies which we don’t typically need, as well as adding sodium to our septic systems. SCALAWAY™ doesnt remove these minerals, our filter just chemically changes their properties so that they no longer stick to surfaces. And our filter does this without adding anything to the water, without electricity or salt and only requires a periodic change of a cartridge.

How is SCALAWAY™ better than these magnet and electric coil gadgets I’ve read about?

These type of units have been around since the fifties, and while they work in some cases by changing the properties of the minerals using magnetic waves, minerals such as iron and silica present in most water will defeat the effect. SCALAWAY™ will work with all water, irregardless of minerals or hardness amount. How long will the filter last? For most homes we recommend SCALAWAY™ 50 guarenteed for 50,000 gallons. For an average family of four. This will last at least one year. And the clear housing of the unit will show when it is time to change the cartridge.


How does the WaterCycle™ system work?

Our machines extract water from the humidity in the atmosphere␣ and transform it into absolutely crystal..clear, healthy drinking water

Can I really get pure drinking water from air that may have many impurities in it?

Yes! The WaterCycle™ process of multiple air and water filtration systems removes particulate..matter smaller than .01 microns.

What about bacteria or other germs?

The WaterCycle™ water generation process utilizes the patented WaterPureZone™ ozone purification process to eliminate all microorganisms including bacteria and viruses

Test results of WaterCycle™ water measured 99.99% purity, far exceeding EPA and WHO requirements.

Is it difficult to install the WaterCycle™ water generator?

No. The WaterCycle™ require no plumbing, water lines, or pipes. Just place it on a flat floor. Plug it in... and after the initial start up, enjoy the pure water.