Water MD presents: Home Water Security

Alkaline Sticks

(AS-1) $19.95 each


Studies show that an alkaline state for the body (above pH 7.0) is better to reduce viruses that cause dis-health to the body. In addition to adjusting your diet to alkaline foods, the drinking of alkaline water can help keep your body in an alkaline state and adds effective anti-oxidizing properties. It is also better for fitness efficiency, and may indeed help to fight cancer in the body. These portable high quality titanium coated Alkaline Sticks will provide you with over 1000 bottles of healthy and refreshing drinking water. Simply insert the stick into your standard bottle of drinking water and you'll be amazed.


  • PH of up to 9.5
  • -ORP between -50 and -150 (depends on time in water) - Antioxidant!
  • Helps to remove impurities like chlorine
  • This easy and fast solution comes in handy on trips abroad, camping or even vacations.


  • 7oz shipping weight
  • 1 stick makes 1000 Litres of alkaline water