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Hard water treatment system

(SC50) System
$399 $297*

(SC50C) Cartridge
$199 $169*

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Hard Water Costs Chart

The problems of hard water are well known. But did you know it can cost up to $95.00 a month to have hard water. Well now there is a way to deal with this problem without the hassle of a water softener. And this is no gimmick using electric coils or magnets. This truly works. Using a polyphosphate chemical cartridge which sits in an in-line clear housing, the minerals of hard water, calcium and magnesium are altered without being removed. They lose their need to stick to surfaces and ELIMINATES SCALE BUILD-UP when precipitated out of solution. This passive system requires only an annual (50,000 gallon) cartridge replacement easily done by the homeowner.

Because we do not remove the required minerals calcium and magnesium from the water, we benefit. But our water based appliances and heating systems are all kept free of scale, saving us time and money.


We really didn’t want the hassle of a water softener, but had terrible scale problems. Your SCALAWAY really does work. Its amazing what they come up with!. Thanks again.

Barbara Wright
Hazelton, NJ

I wanted to tell you, you have freed me from the tyranny of the toilet. No more scrubbing on my hands and knees. And I’m 95, you know.

The Jansens
Quakeretown, PA

The SCALAWAY really did pay for itself inside a year in heating costs alone. We will highly recommend it.

The Austins
Baltimore, MD


3/4” female threaded inlets. Included mounting bracket and wrench for cartridge removal.
Dimensions: 4.5” wide by 7.5” height
Shipping Weight 4 lb
Maximum pressure: 55 psi
Flow rate 1 gallon per minute
Housing Dimensions 4.5” wide x 5.5” height
Cartridge life: 1-1 ½ years (every 50,000 gallons of water used)


  • In line treatment cartridge uses FOOD GRADE polyphosphate additive to alter calcium and magnesium properties
  • preventing them from sticking to surfaces and eliminates scale.
  • SAVES MONEY in energy, appliance aging and cleaning costs.
  • Unlike traditional water softeners, SCALAWAY™ requires no electricity or salt, and works with any water chemistry,
  • Uses no floor space and does not remove valuable minerals.
  • In addition to Calcium and Magnesium, SCALAWAY™ is effective for dealing with Iron staining, Manganese and Chlorides.
  • Easily changed cartridge which should last at least ONE YEAR (every 50,000 gallons of water used). Clear housing shows cartridge use.
  • Easy to install on 3/4" copper lines prior to the hot water heater.For `1⁄2" or 1" adaptors are needed.