Water MD presents: Home Water Security


(WC100-120V or 220V) $2495

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Our WaterCycle™ makes water from air. WaterCycle™ draws the moisture from the surrounding air, and then filters both the air and water of unwanted particles using Ozone. An on board computer monitors temperature, water levels, filter change status, while re-circulating every 30 minutes to maintain water purity.

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Temperature range 59 degree-104 degree F
Humidity Range 25%-95%
Ozone Cycle 1 min every 22 min
Electrical: 120V 50/60hz, 7 amps, 570/900 watts
Refrigerant R422B
Cabinet Size 16.5" x 22.5" x 40"
Net Shipping Wght 90 lbs


“Thank you for being so proficient in getting this water test done for us. We’ve appreciated your service and hope you can service our next home.”

Ray and Gloria Fulmer
Hardwick, NJ