Water MD presents: Home Water Security

Undersink Water Filter

Reasonably priced purification system that insures 100% Safe water by removing bacteria, harmful chemicals, heavy metals as well as any unpleasant taste or odour

Undersink WP101
$495 $349*

CounterTop WP102
$495 $349*

Replacement cartridge WPC
$99 $69*

* internet only

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  • Easily installed under the kitchen sink and includes pouring faucet (WP101) Counter-top version available (WP102)
  • Does not remove dissolved minerals essential for good health and taste
  • Unlike Reverse Osmosis, does not waste water and makes better tasting water
  • Meets NSF standards 51 and 53

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Our WaterPerfect™ does what it says, produces 100% Safe, 100% Healthy, and 100% Delicious water from your own tap. NO MORE BUYING BOTTLED WATER. We use the latest nano technology developments to produce a filter with a sub micron sieve which does so much more than carbon filters. We are able to remove particles down to sub micron levels, insuring the removal of bacteria and other sub micron particles harmful to your health. In addition we make use of Electro Kinetic Forces to eliminate unpleasant odours and tastes.

The filter is contained in an easily connected housing, which is attached to your cold water line under the kitchen sink and the included attractive pouring faucet with an on/off lever. (Hoses and fittings included) is mounted on the sink. (WP101) An alternative model is available which requires no installation. The cartridge and attractive white housing sits on the counter by the sink and the provided hose and diverter valve is attached to your faucet.(WP102) The filter cartidge is easily replaced by the user and will last a minimum of one year. Test data from independant SPECTRUM LABORATORIES is available upon request.

Guaranteed to remove:

All harmful microorganisms including bacteria, Giardia, Cryptosporidium
Dangerous metal such as Lead, Mercury, Arsenic V
Harmful chemicals such as Chlorine, pesticides, Benzene, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's)


Flow rate 1 gallon per minute
Housing Dimensions 4.5” wide x 5.5” height
Shipping Weight 5 lbs.
Cartridge life: 1-1 ½ years


Our water in Florida is horrible, but this makes the best tasting water we ever had. When our neighbours come over they are surprised the water has come from the tap.

F. Sandler
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Your WaterPerfect™ has given us a peace of mind we never had before. We don’t buy bottled water any more, we make our own. Thanks for a great and reasonably priced solution to our water problem.

The Edwards Family
Phillipsburg, NJ